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Why lye ?

Alkaline drinking water (lye), commonly referred to as "lye", is clean drinking water with an alkaline pH (greater than pH 7), in which alkaline conditions help prevent the occurrence Various diseases It also helps in the absorption of excess fat. And those heavy metals in the body better The lye also contains many minerals and nutrients that the body needs. Therefore takes part in reducing obesity And reduce the risk of cancer (Thanks for the good information from… Happy Public Office Phang Nga Province) Drinking lye regularly It is like detoxification from the body.

1. Alkaline drinking water (lye) has small molecules. This allows for better dissolution of beneficial minerals from food. And can be absorbed into the body's cells quickly Especially after exercise, which will help replenish the missing water quickly. Get rid of exhaustion, fatigue Because of many useful minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium Will be absorbed into the body's cells quickly
2. Adjust the acid-base balance in the body. Alkaline drinking water (lye) has a high negative ORP (OXIDATION REDUCTION POTENTIAL) helps to create balance in the body Eliminate acid waste from the body. 3. Antioxidant That is the cause of many diseases. - acidosis in the blood (Acidosis)
- Osteoporosis (Osteoporosis). - heart disease
- Cancer
- Reduce stomach acid, flatulence, acid reflux
- Slow down the deterioration (Anti-aging)
- Reduce fat (cholesterol) in the blood, etc.

alkaline water or alkaline water (alkaline water) [Alkaline Water]

Our body is easily acidic to very easily from food. It is the environment and acidity that accelerate the growth of cancer cells. Because the body's acid is acidic from waste, also known as “Acidic Waste” therefore the body needs alkalinity to reduce these excess acids. And to create homeostasis of the body In addition, the alkalinity helps to bind oxygen well. So how do we increase alkalinity in the body? For those who don't have much time to take care of themselves We recommend drinking lye to condition your body and build your alkalinity in order to maintain proper body balance.

Each day we eat food. Few of us know that the food we eat How is it decomposed? And how does it have a negative effect on the body Eating without reflection Is like eating a little bit of poison And when accumulated every day, it results in the body poisoning. Illness, weakness It can cause cancer, as many of you fear, because many of you may not know that. Food we eat They are excellent foods for cancer cells such as pork, beef, animal-derived milk, alcohol, and more, which are consumed by them. And the body decomposes Will make it acidic And this acid itself will cause cancer cells to grow. And spread quickly Therefore, drinking alkaline water or alkaline drinking water (lye) can help to adjust the pH in the body. It also reduces the acidity from food. And other drinking water It reduces the risk of cancer is quite high.

lye to detoxify

Lye is drinking water with a higher alkaline state than normal. In general, the water we drink is generally less alkaline. Most of them are pH neutral drinking water because it is clean drinking water that has been sterile. Therefore there is only cleanliness and safety Importantly, in the drinking water that we drink and eat every day, there are quite a few nutrients or minerals that the body needs. If more minerals are needed, drink mineral water that may be twice as expensive. But lye is different because lye is a general clean drinking water that has alkalinity and various minerals. Not allergic to beautiful bottles of mineral water that are sold at high prices More importantly, its alkalinity provides better oxygen binding than other acidic drinking water (lower pH 7) or 100 times more neutral pH drinking water The lye can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. And can also eliminate free radicals Or known as the silent executioner that hurts our body It is true that antioxidants are found in almost all fruits and vegetables. But of course, we will not be able to eat fruits and vegetables every day. Unlike drinking water to drink at least 8 glasses a day if we can switch from drinking water to vegetable, fruit, or lye. It will help increase the alkalinity. Reduce excess acid In addition, alkalinity makes the body better absorb minerals and nutrients. Because lye is a liquid, it can easily seep into the bloodstream. Making the body to use those nutrients more quickly However, drinking alkaline water, we need to look at the pH value carefully because a higher pH means that drinking water is very alkaline. But the human body can get alkaline no more than ph30, so you must choose to look at the lye well or check before eating Because at this time there are bright sellers selling lye equipment and claim that this will make drinking water more alkaline, helping to cure many diseases. Despite the fact that lye is not involved in the treatment of any disease. It only has the alkalinity and this alkalinity will adjust to reduce acidity in the body. Like drinking water to cleanse toxins Because the lye will help to bind heavy metals in the bloodstream and excreted through urine or sweat. Which contributes to helping to stop various diseases That might happen But the lye can not help cure various diseases that occur. Therefore, when choosing a device or a lye machine, you need to consider making the lye and the pH of the various lye well because if the drinking water is too alkaline than the body needs From good drinking water, it will immediately become bad drinking water. In addition to the alkaline water, it can be used for healthy drinking. Lye with a pH that is too high to be eaten can also be used to wash vegetables, fruits, or other cooking ingredients or to bathe, wash your body, wash clothes and wash dishes.

Alkaline drinking water (lye), commonly known as "lye", is

Quality clean drinking water And has alkaline properties It is drinking water with a pH value that is slightly alkaline or drinking water with a pH greater than 7. The alkaline water also contains minerals and nutrients. That the body needs a lot Which are often found to be properties of mineral water Found in pure natural sources Alkaline drinking water (lye) ... caused by Adopting natural mineral stones Come through a special process When the water passes through this mineral rock Will cause an alkaline condition Helps to balance the pH in the body to an optimal state. Make the body work normally Which is another factor To help the body Able to resist various diseases as well

Alkaline Water Benefits Alkaline is clean, alkaline and mineral water.

Benefits of lye or alkaline drinking water (lye) and their values ​​

- pH 10, broth, alkaline drinking water (lye) have smaller molecules. This makes it better able to dissolve the beneficial minerals from food. And also helps to get rid of the bitterness, astringent taste, the darn smell, therefore suitable for making various broths - pH 9.5 after exercise Small molecules of alkaline (lye) drinking water can be rapidly absorbed into the body's cells. Especially after exercise This will help quickly replenish the missing water. - pH 9 Cook rice, soak raw rice in alkaline drinking water (lye) for 30-60 minutes before cooking, the rice pellets will cook faster. And can use less water than usual Makes it taste better without wetting - pH 8.5 for drinking, get rid of fatigue and fatigue Because of many useful minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium Will be absorbed into the body's cells quickly Then alkaline drinking water (lye) also has a high negative ORP (OXIDATION REDUCTION POTENTIAL) helps to create balance in the body. Eliminate acid waste from the body. - pH 7.5 for brewing baby milk Alkaline (lye) drinking water mixed with powdered milk will help strengthen the bones in children who started drinking alkaline water (lye) for the first time. To start drinking at this value first - pH 5.5 for external skin Face wash: ACIDIC water will help tighten the skin, get rid of grease and germs without chemicals. Store the acetic water in a spray bottle and use it to spray your face during the day. Will help keep the skin moist, firm and also get rid of dirt on the surface as well Wash your hair: Rinse your hair with acetic water to help keep your hair shiny. Reduces dandruff on the scalp. And there are also reports from users that ... Can help in the issue of hair loss as well. Others: because of the ability to eliminate pathogens. Acetic water is suitable for washing the wound. Can be sprayed on the ankle Prevent skin diseases such as Hong Kong's feet, normal human blood has a alkaline or pH value of about 7.2 - 7.4. (Weak alkali), but when the body has too much waste in the blood. This will increase the risk of acidic blood (Acidosis) causing the cells in the body to degenerate. Causing many diseases Prevention and treatment Not causing the acidic blood. - Eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Alkaline Help balance the body. - Avoid from polluted places. - Drink water with alkaline (Alkaline) to help balance. And reduce the risk of developing various diseases Lye creates a buffer state in the body. Create a buffer state in the body

The human blood system needs alkalinity

Normally, human blood has a alkaline or pH value of about 7.2 - 7.4 is a weak alkaline. But when the body has too much waste products in the blood, if the pH of the blood drops to less than 7.3, the risk of acidosis. Patients develop a condition called acidosis, causing the cells in the body to degenerate. It causes many diseases. If it is below 6.8 (acidic) it will have symptoms of unconsciousness and can be fatal if not promptly corrected.

Lye creates a buffer condition in the body

The human body is very easily acidic. Because most of the food you eat Will cause an acidic effect Especially meat foods When there is metabolism, acidic waste is produced with carbon dioxide (CO2). This is dissolved in the blood to return to the lungs. Then be driven out as a breath The dissolution of this CO2 gas produces carbonic acid. But actually the body doesn't need acidity, so the blood has to be alkaline in order to balance the acid. We call this system To create a buffer condition, good drinking water has to be weak alkaline. If the body cannot find alkali from drinking water The body uses a method to extract calcium (Calcium) and Magnesium milk (Magnesium) from the bones and muscles in order to create alkalinity. To compensate for the acid Keeping the body alive with the same pH 7.4 The consequence is that the bones lose their calcium elements. Osteoporosis (Osteoporosis) Teeth loosen and decay easily if minerals are continually pulled from the heart. Naturally cause problems of heart disease And may even lose life Good drinking water must have a weak alkaline effect. Dr. Michael Sharon's report entitled Complete Nutrition concluded that Over Acidity may be one of the leading causes of kidney stones, enlarged prostate, indigestion and exhaustion. He recommends drinking alkaline water. To reduce the acidity in the body In Europe, nutritionists recommend drinking certain springs, which are rich in alkaline mineral ions. Drinking 3 full glasses of weakly alkaline water in 25 minutes. Red blood cells will restore And ready to carry food and oxygen to the cells Effectively

Prevention and treatment Does not cause acidosis

- Eat fresh vegetables and fruits that are alkaline. Help balance the body - Avoid from polluted places. - Drink water that is alkaline (Alkaline) to help balance. And reduce the risk of developing various diseases Add cleanliness and minerals For brewing breast milk, the benefits of mineral water for the health of your child. mineral water… Add cleanliness and minerals For making baby milk A new alternative… with cleanliness, safety and benefit for the health of your loved ones. With mineral water from the Giffarine water filter

Alkaline water (Alkaline Water)

"Drinking water that has been filtered from Giffarine alkaline water filters are regularly checked for quality. In leading institutions of the country " - It is clean and safe drinking water. - It is lye which protects the body. - Helps reduce acidosis in the blood (Acidosis), adjust the acid-base balance, making the cells within the body. To be balanced and healthy - The water molecules are small. Can be absorbed well Help the absorption of food The body's metabolism is improved - Strengthens the immune system - Antioxidants That is the cause of many diseases such as osteoporosis. (Osteoporosis), heart disease, cancer, slow down degeneration (Anti-aging). - Detoxify the body Help make the digestive system good Cleanses the intestines well Reduce stomach acid, flatulence, GERD. - Reduce fat (cholesterol) in the blood - Reduce bone problems Degenerative synovitis and rheumatism - Increase the oxygen level in the body. It helps the process of generating more and faster energy. - Added beneficial minerals such as calcium, manganese, potassium and sodium. - is a good solvent Thus preventing the formation of kidney stones or urinary system