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ORP or Oxidation Reduction Potential (at the beginning of this time I would like to briefly First and foremost) is actually a measurement to find the potential difference of an electric whether there is a positive or negative charge, measured in millivolts. These positive and negative values ​​indicate the degree of oxidation and reduction. (Antioxidant) and the value of ORP, this is where we can refer to the food and drink that we consume every day, it has the ability to fight free radicals. (Antioxidant) is that much.

ORP in alkaline drinking water (lye)

Acidic food or water is positively charged (H +). It tries to steal electrons from other molecules, becomes unstable, becomes free radicals and proliferates. Until the chain destroys the genetic material in the body until the mutation into a tumor or cancer cells ever. If it is "negative ions" to this, it is not difficult to guess. That is, petty theft will not take place, balance will be returned, and 1 too electron giver and 1 missing free radical will not be broken. Many types of drinking water on the market today have a positive ORP of about +100 to +200 millivolt. The larger the soft drink, the larger it has a pH of 3 and an ORP +400 - +500, which is acidic. So high it generates the most free radicals. (From oxidation) and also found that drinking water or food when left to expose to air, the longer the ORP value will be more positive all the time, but in the part of “alkaline drinking water. (Lye) ”It has a negative ORP of about -300 to -700 ever and remains constant. (But as I said We recommend drinking as soon as the bottle is opened, the longer the ORP becomes positive), it is rich in large amounts of electrons, neutralizing the unstable oxygen in our body. Reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer, because if the ORP value is negative, it will not produce free radicals that destroy the cell membrane in our body. You see, both positive and negative ORP values ​​are comparable to indicators of antioxidant activity that cause cell degeneration in our body, or in other words, it may indicate that the ORP ... It is like the degree to indicate the probability of our health from what we eat itself.